Education Agent Application Form

    Education Agent Details and Background

    Key Staff (with whom we will communicate)

    Person 1

    Person 2

    Potential Markets and Services to be Provided

    Agency Performance and Compliance

    Additional Information

    References (These may be provided if required by our RTO)

    Please provide details of at least 2 Australian educational institutes that we can contact for a reference.

    Institution 1

    Institution 2



    By submitting this agreement form, you declare that

    • You will market MINT’s courses with integrity and accuracy as outlined in the National Code of Practice 2018 (For Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students).

    • You have read and understood the extract from the ESOS Act 2000 Obligations of Agents. (Details can be found on ).

    • The answers and details provided in this application are true, accurate and complete.

    • Mint Training is authorised to contact the referees listed to collect information about my conduct and services.

    • You acknowledge and agree to the privacy statement provided below.

    Privacy Statement: All information collected, used or disclosed by Mint Training is confidential and is protected by the Privacy Act 1988 and other relevant legislation. Mint Training policy is outlined in the Information Privacy Policy available from our website. Information about Agents or students may be made available to Commonwealth and State agencies if required to provide the information by law.

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