MIC Code of Conduct

The code outlines students’ rights and responsibilities in regard to their participation at Mint International College programs.

All students have the right to:

• Be treated fairly and with respect by all students and staff
• Not be harassed, victimised or discriminated against on any basis
• Learn in a supportive environment, which is free from harassment, discrimination and victimisation
• Learn in a healthy and safe environment where the risks to personal health and safety are managed and minimised
• Receive training and assessment that is in accordance with the requirements of the accredited course and
endorsed Training Package
• Be issued with qualifications and/or statements of attainment when a program of study has been successfully completed
• Access the information Mint International College holds about them by providing reasonable time-frame
• Have their complaints dealt with fairly, promptly, confidentially and without retribution
• Make appeals about procedural and assessment decisions
• Be given clear and accurate information about their course, training and assessment arrangements and their progress
• Provide feedback to Mint International College on the student services, training, assessment and support
services they receive